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International Women’s Day – Celebrating Our Women in Recruitment

Hannah McMurray our consultant managing the role
Published on 28 February 2022

A day of global celebration and recognition of the political, social, economic, and cultural achievements of identifying females, International Women’s Day is a significant date in the calendar. Not only does it mark a turbulent history in the battle for women’s rights, the 8th of March is dedicated to continuing the fight for equality, by giving visibility to - and elevating - women around the world.    

Women in recruitment

Across the globe, female managers, consultants, and leaders are taking massive strides and making huge achievements in the recruitment industry. A once regarded ‘old boys club’, the industry is seeing incredible female role models break down stereotypes, seize opportunities, pursue progression paths, and innovate exciting new ways to recruit.

Today, to mark International Women’s Day, we’re putting the focus on the incredible women in recruitment that are closest to our heart, and who inspire us every single day - our very own Quanta superstars.

Our Superstars

Meet three of our many talented team members who are truly harnessing girl power and forging themselves remarkable careers in recruitment. 


In 2016, Emma started her Quanta recruitment career as Delivery Executive, swiftly climbing the ranks to a leadership position an impressive one year later. As Delivery Team Leader, her time was spent balancing supporting her team as well as building the business repertoire for Quanta. Showing a fantastic talent for growing her team members, Emma successfully landed herself the role of Learning and Development Lead, a new company initiative that explores opportunities to continuously develop the Quanta workforce. As an experienced recruiter herself, Emma helps coordinate and deliver internal and external training sessions across the business, including leading the delivery of the fantastic ‘Fast Track to Delivery Executive’ programme provided to new Quanta trainees.


With over 13 Quanta years under her belt, Lauren saw the available progression opportunities within recruitment, and ran with it! Initially joining within an administrative role, she since discovered her talent for recruitment and grew from Delivery Executive to Delivery Leader and then Associate Director of Delivery for Quanta. Having accrued a wealth of knowledge in Life Sciences and Renewable Energy during her time within these areas of recruitment, Lauren now uses her expertise to manage both sectors for Quanta. Not only does she support developing projects and business delivery plans, day to day she spends her time encouraging her team’s learning and progression, continuously cultivating their talent as recruiters and industry experts. Recently, Lauren has secured another promotion, moving to the Associate Director of Operations position. 


As a Human Biology university graduate, Zoe took the opportunity to put her scientific mind to excellent use as a recruiter for the industry. Joining Quanta in 2017, Zoe began her career as a Delivery Executive for the Life Sciences sector, applying her astute pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and biotechnology knowledge to the sourcing of new candidates within the field. Her brilliant understanding of the industry, as well as her skill for recruitment, enabled her to grow into an Account Manager role, where now she plays an important role in Quanta’s Life Sciences function by forging relationships with new businesses and supporting the needs of existing clients.  Not only is Zoe a superb and valued member of our recruitment team, but she is also a reservist for the Royal Navy, committing her spare time to undergo specialist training with the eventual goal of being deployed in active service. 

We have so many brilliant and gifted colleagues here at Quanta, we simply couldn’t fit them all in this one blog post, so go ahead and discover our superstars on our meet the team page.

Supporting Women in Recruitment

Although recruitment is becoming a more opportunistic and diverse industry for women, much work is still to be done, particularly in growing female employees into leading board positions. An organisation that is helping to drive the change is the APSCO Embrace initiative, formally known as 'women in recruitment'. The movement was established to give recruitment firms support to attract, develop, and retain female talent, as well as demonstrate a commitment to gender equality for clients and candidates. As leaders in employment, the initiative highlights the importance of recruitment companies to not only diversify their own workforces, but also educate their clients in creating an inclusive work culture.

At Quanta, we are proud to represent an equal and inclusive workforce. We value each and every single person we employ for their individuality, knowing that it is our uniqueness that brings us closer as one team. If you would like to embrace the exciting opportunities that recruitment has to offer, and join our incredibly talented female colleagues at our Berkhamsted recruitment head office, get in touch today.