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What it’s like to recruit in Life Sciences

Alex Evans our consultant managing the role
Posted by Alex Evans
Published on 8 February 2022

The life sciences industry has played a crucial role in global society for a number of decades now, but never has it been more important than the last two years. The COVID-19 pandemic shed light on how dependent we are on the industry and all of those who work in it. Recruiting for the life sciences industry carries great importance and here at Quanta, we are experts in providing the best candidates for the right roles.

To get more insight into what life science recruitment entails, we sat down and spoke to Alex Evans, one of our brilliant Delivery Executives who specialises in the life science market.

Tell us a little bit more about your role at Quanta

I work as a Delivery Executive, so I focus solely on the candidate. I’ll work in tandem with the Business Winning team at Quanta and I source relevant candidates for our clients. A lot of the time I have to be proactive and speak to both existing candidates and new candidates. As I’ve been here for three years now, I have become more productive within my role as a lot of the job revolves around having a strong network and a pipeline of candidates.

The role can be quite varied as I work across the life sciences team, however, I don’t focus on any particular location or job title. This means that each role that I source for can be different, meaning I get to communicate with a range of candidates each and every day. As well as sourcing individuals, I also take part in candidate care just to ensure that they are happy or have any questions for me.

How has the industry changed for you over the past two years?

As I said before this is my third year in the industry and the life science sector is now busier than I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen a huge increase in demand and there has been an influx of projects that have appeared due to the pandemic. Additionally. The UK hasn’t historically been a massive hub for pharmaceutical facilities, however, that is certainly changing, and we are seeing a lot of new pharma establishments popping up all over the country. I have also found that I am now working more closely with clients from the US and Denmark which is a trend that has emerged recently.

One of the biggest changes is the desire and demand for remote working. When I first joined the recruitment industry, it was rare that a candidate requested or considered a remote/hybrid working schedule. Now the majority of candidates are expecting a remote working option and clients are much more open to the idea. This also ties into the interviewing process which is almost exclusively via video calls now. Remote interviewing helps with the recruitment operation as it tends to save time and resources, streamlining the overall process.

Are they any common challenges that you face in life science recruitment?

I think our biggest challenge over the last two years has been adapting to a post-Brexit Britain. As the UK would often recruit skilled candidates, for life science jobs, from areas all over Europe, the UK’s exit from the EU has made this considerably more difficult. However, the recruitment industry is all about adapting to rapid changes, and that’s something that our team has done brilliantly.

What do you love most about recruiting in the life science sector?

The great thing about recruiting in this market is that there is always a need, and there will always be demand. This is such an important industry and the fact that I get to be a part of it and recruit candidates who could make a difference in millions of people’s lives is amazing.

I’ve also found that everyone that I’ve met in the industry is so open and actively willing to share information with you. That essentially means that I get to meet friendly people every day and also learn something new every time I work, which is something that I love.

What does the future hold for the life science industry?

The pandemic has taught us that the sky is the limit for what we can produce as a global population. The life science industry is always going to thrive and is going to continue to expand from this point on. I am extremely excited to be involved in the recruitment process for such an important part of our lives, and I’m looking forward to what the future holds.

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