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A day in the life of a sales consultant

Annabel Nangle our consultant managing the role
Published on 2 March 2022

Here at Quanta, we are often asked about what sales consultants do on a day-to-day basis. A sales consultant’s role can be rewarding, exciting, challenging and everything in between making it one of the most fascinating career paths. We love talking to our team members about their experience within their roles; so, we sat down to talk to the brilliant Annabel Nangle, and she explains what a typical day in the life of a sales consultant looks like.

What does a typical day as a sales consultant look like?

Every day as a sales consultant is different so it’s hard to pin down exactly what I will do, however, on a typical day I’ll start my morning by trying to get hold of existing clients and target clients before they get into the office. We start nice and early to try to build on existing relationships and introduce ourselves to potential clients. The conversation usually consists of me letting the client know who I am and explaining all of the wonderful things that Quanta can offer them. It’s a nice mix to start the day off with and really gets the engagement juices flowing.

Then I’ll spend a good chunk of my time conducting some industry research; so that’s identifying new opportunities such as projects and new companies to target. I predominantly use social platforms such as LinkedIn, but I also scan news articles to see if anything interesting pops up.

Another key aspect of my day is to communicate with tracked candidates. These are people that I have worked with to find them a rewarding role, or just previous candidates that I have a good relationship with. These conversations are great for me as I can have a general chat to find out what they’re up to, get some updates on the market in their country or industry, and of course, network to find out if they have any candidates that they can recommend for our live roles.

Finally, I’ll dedicate a portion of my day to working on the live vacancies on our site. This includes sending out CVs, arranging interviews, posting job adverts and more.

What part of your day do you look forward to the most?

Well, I love interacting with all of the great people in our industry, so my favourite part of my day is getting on the phone and talking to candidates and clients. Building relationships and developing new ones is such an important part of the role and makes each day just as enjoyable as the last.

What does the perfect day as a sales consultant look like?

Getting loads and loads of placements! Placing candidates in great roles is a really rewarding experience as you genuinely feel that you are helping to make a big difference in their lives. So, the more candidates I can place into new positions, the happier I am. In addition, delivering against the jobs for my clients would also form a part of the perfect day. Doing a great job for my clients and delivering all of their recruitment needs is essential and as long as the client is happy, then so am I.

Do you have any advice for someone who is interested in joining the Quanta team?

The only thing I can really say is don’t hesitate, just go for it. There is a wealth of opportunities for career growth and learning potential. It’s an excellent time to join the company at this stage and we are a part of a brilliant industry full of challenges and rewards.

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