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What’s it like to recruit in renewable energy?

Jessica Jackson our consultant managing the role
Published on 10 March 2022

The renewable energy sector is an exciting one to be part of at the moment, with new regulations and changes in lifestyles shaking up the way organisations are doing business. Renewable energy recruitment has grown exponentially in recent times, as people and organisations all over the world start to take accountability for their carbon footprints.

Here at Quanta, we love gaining industry insight from our fantastic team members and this time we wanted to know more about renewable energy recruitment. So, we sat down with the brilliant Jessica Jackson, where she explained more about her role at Quanta and the industry as a whole.

Tell us a little bit about your role at Quanta

I specialise within the renewable energy industry, particularly in the heavy lift sector and I have a range of responsibilities. My role changes on a day-to-day basis, and each day can consist of handling documentation, talking to the clients to understand their needs, tracking listed candidates, keeping an eye on upcoming roles and projects, and much more. I also work across offshore wind platforms, energy from waste, biomass and onshore wind farms, which are becoming more popular now.

An important part of my role is to keep up to date with all news and trends within the industry and to speak to members of my network to gain as much insight as possible. I can then use this information to generate new sales leads and inform clients on the best processes for the current market.

What do you love most about renewable energy recruitment?

I love the people that I get to speak to on a daily basis. I’m so lucky that I get to have conversations with brilliant minds that are doing some great work to make the planet a better place for us all. They’re all so enthusiastic about their work and it warms me to know that they are so passionate about improving our planet for the next generation.

I also enjoy playing a big role in helping a candidate take the next step in their career. Candidates put their trust in me to find the perfect role for them and I build such brilliant relationships with them all. We take pride in our candidate care at Quanta, so I’m in regular contact with placed candidates, sometimes for years, so you really get to know them and they make you feel like part of their family. I absolutely love that I can have a positive impact on their lives and help them build a rewarding career.

How has the renewable energy industry has changed over the years?

I have definitely seen plenty of change over the past couple of years, especially with the effect that the pandemic had on the world. The industry just kept on going throughout all the troubles and is now thriving thanks to people having time to take a step back truly understand the benefits of renewable energy.

There are so many exciting projects happening and loads of clients opening doors. We have industries such as oil & gas venturing into renewable energy, which just shows how far the sector has come. There’s has been a massive drive on sustainability over the last 5 years and it is gathering more momentum by the day. Renewable energy is the way forward and I anticipate that the market will just continue growing, which is so exciting for all of us.

What advice would you give to someone looking to join the Quanta team?

We’re a family run business and everyone plays a big role in creating such a positive environment. We all get along so well, have loads of socials and the people that we work with have incredible values. If you’re passionate about the environment and helping to progress the careers of candidates, then this is the perfect place to be.

I’ve learned so much since I’ve been here and the whole team has helped me progress both professionally and personally. Everyone is always ready to lend a helping hand if needed, so Quanta is a brilliant company to grow and improve.

Find out more about working at Quanta

At Quanta, it’s important that we create an environment that each and every person can flourish in. This means supporting each team member as an individual but also offering opportunities that will help them grow their career. With agreed objectives and established business plans, we have the foundations for you to exceed.

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