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Five benefits of moving from sales to internal recruitment

Josefine Pope our consultant managing the role
Posted by Josefine Pope
Published on 30 June 2022

Recruitment is a hot topic right now. With more vacancies on the job market than ever before, the world of a recruitment consultant today is a lively one – and potentially a lucrative one too. Whether you are in a sales recruitment agency or in charge of internal recruitment, the opportunities of a hot jobs market are ripe for picking.

But how does internal recruitment fare against sales recruitment? Here, we delve into five benefits that might make you consider moving from sales to internal recruitment.

Watch your hires grow

For most recruitment consultants, a successful placement made for a client organisation is more often than not the end of the journey with that candidate. With internal recruitment (or talent acquisition), the hiring of your candidate is just the start. You get to be witness to your new colleague settle into their new role, build their career and make a meaningful impact to your business. From passing their probation all the way to achieving their first promotion – you get to be a part of it all.

Lasting sense of achievement

Placing a candidate is an incredible feeling; knowing that you have kickstarted a person’s dream career as well as making a successful sale comes with a rush of adrenaline and moment of great pride. But seeing a new colleague in the workplace and knowing that you have made their progression possible comes with a much more longstanding sense of achievement. Every day, you will be reminded that your hard work has paid off. Not to mention, the person that you liked at the interview stage is the person you get to work alongside, catch up with in break rooms and bump into at Christmas parties!

Role autonomy

Within internal talent acquisition, your team is likely much smaller than within a sales recruitment department. Instead of delegating tasks amongst colleagues and waiting out delayed turnaround time for resources, you are very much in the driving seat of your role and the hiring process. If you need some additional information, you can simply pop to your colleague’s desk and get the ball rolling. You will lead the sourcing of candidates, initial conversations, and interviews, meaning that your end of month targets are very much within your own hands.

Make a difference to your company

Behind every successful company lies a great team – and as an internal recruiter, you are the driver of this. You are responsible for the sourcing and hiring of talent that will make a lasting impact on the future of your company. By introducing fresh eyes and new skills you can help elevate your business’ services and discover new successes. You are also at the front line of your company’s business development - company growth relies on having the people behind to support it.

Reap the rewards

Recruitment is a sales game – and internally, this is no different. Talent acquisition offers the potential to lead as lucrative a career as within any other recruitment consultant job. At Quanta part of QCS Staffing, we believe in equal opportunities and ensuring that our team’s hard work pays off through our generous commission and annual bonus structure. Per placement, a one-off commission payment is made, and depending on the salary, there are fantastic opportunities to earn highly. As part of the ‘personal development plan’ we set out, each year your will be set a placement target which, once reached, will be rewarded with a bonus.

Being in a separate team to our sales and delivery executives does not mean you are excluded from the incredible additional benefits we offer at Quanta. We operate as one team and our award-winning training initiatives, companywide trips, charity events, team breakfasts and lunches, early Friday finishes are very much part of the package as a member of our Talent Acquisition team.

Working within internal recruitment has a whole host of benefits, not least for an award-winning recruitment company like Quanta. But don’t just take our word for it, here is what our Talent Acquisition Partner Josi had to say about her move from sales recruitment to talent acquisition:

Josi, Talent Acquisition Partner:

“I started my recruitment career at Quanta in 2015, moving to an internal recruitment position in August last year. I transitioned because I was after a fresh new challenge in my recruitment career and change of scenery from the sales side and I have really progressed in my role. I was really motivated to get back onto the phones and speak with new candidates every day which I missed as a Delivery Team Leader. Now, I am running the show and have complete control over my job. At the end of each week, I am able to look back at the tasks I’ve completed and the achievements I have made and feel really proud. I also get to be involved with a lot of the interviews which is a real highlight for me.”

Join our Talent Acquisition Team

Here at Quanta, our people are at the heart of what we do. We are an award-winning recruitment consultancy driven by a ‘One Team’ ethos, and we are on a mission to continuously grow our incredible team of people. Are you looking at the chance to further your recruitment career and give internal talent acquisition a go? Get in touch with Josi today, or look through our internal recruitment consultant jobs here: