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Get the best out of LinkedIn on your next job search

Daniel Wood our consultant managing the role
Posted by Daniel Wood
Published on 15 November 2022

LinkedIn is one of the most valuable tools for your job search in 2022 - and beyond. In a world that values digitalisation and forging connections online, there could be no better way to find your perfect job than within a social media platform dedicated to professional networking.

The site is regularly used by recruitment consultants to scour for the very best talent. 87% of recruiters find LinkedIn to be the most effective tool when vetting their candidates in the hiring process, and it is estimated that 8 people every minute are hired via LinkedIn.

Therefore, if you are in the market or interested in taking your next career step, LinkedIn is an excellent place to start. Here, we show you how to get the best out of LinkedIn on your next job search.

Update your profile

Most importantly, it is crucial to have an up-to-date profile. Think of your LinkedIn as an online CV that displays your professional achievements and experiences – if you want to throw your hat in the ring for a job, it is likely that the hiring manager will check out your profile to see if you’re a good fit. In fact, it’s estimated that job seekers with a comprehensive LinkedIn profile have a 71% higher chance of getting a job interview

Education and experience

Make sure your education, previous job roles and skills sections are up to date and relevant for the job you are searching for. Your LinkedIn headline is heavily weighted in LinkedIn search algorithms - and also recruiter behaviour. Recruiters will search for job titles or specific skills to gather a candidate pool that is relevant for the roles that they are hiring for, so make sure you are using these keywords within your headline and bio.


It is recommended that over 60% of your face should take up your LinkedIn profile picture, and a professional looking headshot (complete with a smile) is the most preferred option.

Get endorsements

Another great accentuation for your profile is getting endorsements for your skills. This will provide tangible evidence that you are capable of what you say you are, being confirmed by a trusted client, colleague or connection.


Above all, LinkedIn is a social networking platform – and the network of connections that you build is vital to unlocking the power of LinkedIn. It will keep you up to date with the industry and your professional circle.

Colleagues and alumni

Connecting with old colleagues and alumni gives you a good chance of being noticed within their networks and industries. You can explore people with similar education and experiences to discover some potential future career options.

Companies and topics

Following the companies that you are interested in and topics that are related to your industry will introduce you to a host of new people. You will be alerted to new live vacancies within these companies and be able to strike conversations with people talking about the topic that you follow.

Hiring managers and employees

Connecting with or following hiring managers and employees will give you a great insight into the company and jobs advertised. If your profile is up to scratch, these hiring managers might also think of you first for upcoming positions.

Get noticed

Having a fantastic profile would be wasted if you weren’t doing what you could to get yourself noticed. It will be your own voice on the platform that will get you the best exposure, and best chance of being considered for a job application.

Use the ‘Open To’ feature

This is an easy and very visual way to catch the eye of a recruiter. Simply click the ‘Open To’ drop down underneath your profile picture and select the ‘Finding a new job’ option. This will add a frame to your photo and recruiters can easily identify who in their network are job seekers.

Post your own content

Posting unique content and commenting on your connections posts is a great way to enhance your visibility and catch a recruiter’s eye. Over time, with consistency, your posts will make greater impressions and reach a wider audience. Even publishing a post that describes your current circumstances, the job you are looking for, and asking your network to keep you in mind will go a long way.

Apply for jobs

There are over 15 million job listings on LinkedIn and is one of the most popular job boards that candidates use to make their applications. So now your LinkedIn profile and presence is in great shape – search for new opportunities and apply!

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