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5 skills you need to be a successful recruitment consultant

Jay Hearne our consultant managing the role
Posted by Jay Hearne
Published on 29 June 2022

Recruitment careers provide perfect opportunities to learn and develop a variety of essential business skills. They can also be dynamic and touch on many industries, including the exciting life sciences sector, which is what we’re all about here at Quanta. However, to get your foot in the door and impress your employers, it helps to have the qualities that make a successful recruitment consultant.

As the world of recruitment changes, so are the demands of companies, with 93% of organisations hiring new employees in 2022. This is a climb from 2021, which only saw 82% of employers hiring. This is good news for recruitment agents who are ready to connect the best candidates to the best roles!

Here are all of the skills you’ll need to enjoy a successful and rewarding recruitment career.

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1. A passion for the industry you’re in

While some may not consider this a skill, passion is one of the most important traits of a successful recruitment consultant. When you are hiring the top candidates, it helps if you are passionate about recruitment and making a positive impact on the sectors you’re supporting. Here at Quanta, we are all passionate about connecting candidates who want to make a difference in renewable energy, life sciences and more. This way, we know that we are positively impacting the world as a whole!

When you enjoy the work you do, other essential skills tend to come more naturally. You also feel more fulfilled and motivated to perform your role diligently.

2. The ability to conduct thorough research

Research in recruitment is key and is a key component in finding the best candidates for your clients. Not only do you need to ensure that each candidate is 100% fit for a role, but you also need to have knowledge of what the company you are recruiting for expects from its employees.

As a recruitment consultant, you may also have the responsibility of researching and sourcing information on prospective candidates from a range of external and internal databases, making this soft skill essential.

Add to this that the recruitment world is continuously evolving ; you will need to stay up to date with industry news, technology, and current and future trends.

3. Social and communications skills

Any consultant with ambition will need to display excellent communication and social skills. As part of your role, you will need to build a network of employers and hiring candidates. The best way to maintain this network is to communicate effectively and build relationships with all relevant parties.

Recruiters also spend large portions of their days liaising with clients and potential employees to understand their needs, career aspirations, and skill sets. It’s therefore essential that recruitment agents can listen and assure individuals and companies that needs are going to be met.

4. Excellent organisational skills

Many recruitment jobs can be busy and complex, and if you’re going to uphold your skill to communicate effectively and maintain relationships, you need to be organised!

You'll be managing several clients at once, keeping track of plenty of jobs, and potentially maintaining a sizable client database. When you factor in daily meetings and briefings, routine training, collaborating with co-workers on projects, and reviewing applications, it's essential to be well-organised and able to balance everything.

In this regard, a positive attitude towards technology will help. There’s plenty of software available to streamline and even automate processes.

5. Marketing skills

Recruitment agents should be able to market themselves and the company they work for. Essentially, they should be keen ambassadors for their brand and have an eagerness to expand their client base.

If you are interested in becoming a recruitment consultant or would like to advance your career in this field, then brushing up on effective marketing techniques will be to your advantage.

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